Outlaw Audio 990 pre/pro - any experiences?

I'm looking for a pre/pro that ideally has excellent analog sound, very good surround sound, all the latest Dolbys, phono, FM, second zone output, digital video switching, and all the usual bells and whistles. And of course I don't want to spend much money. The Outlaw 990 sure looks good. Does anyone have any experience with it?
I have owned the 990 for maybe 2 years, it is a no-brainer for the money. Hell of a pre-amp for the money. I use it for video and multi-channel audio. Upgraded it once, no problem. But I found it fatiqing to listen to for long periods. I now run it into a MacIntosh c2200 for HT pas-thru and use the Mac for 2 channel music. Of course the Mac cost nearly 5 times the Outlaw, so you got to keep it in perspective. I run a PS3 thru the 990 for blu-ray and it looks and sounds great.
I replaced my seven year old Meridian 561 processor last fall with a 990. The Meridian was a bit smoother, and a little more sophisticated sounding on the way sounds pan front to back, and side to side. Beyond that the 990 has many more features, surround mode switching on commercial breaks is silent (unlike the popping relays on the Meridian), sounds clean and crisp, and is actually more extended top to bottom then the 561. Excellent for movies, personally I don't need anything more expensive or refined in this regard. For music it can sound a little to clean and lean for long term listening, but then I have another system for music. That said it does sound better then a Denon 4306 receiver I compared it to. I also have 5 Outlaw M200 monoblocks that I've owned for 3 or 4 years now. No problems at all. Outlaw customer service is also very good.
I upgraded to the 990 from an EAD Ovation-8.I like the bass management.What really did it for my was the cinema re-eq.it is quite a circuit.I built a 7.1 speaker system that is capable of reference level playback.With the re-eq engaged it was the best.For two channel, i couldn't ask for anything more.like i said, I have a HT rig so blending huge subs was a must.On 7.1 SACD/DVD-A the sound is clean and quite clear.The triggers are very useful and assignable.I haven't done the upgrade yet.I don't really need any of it so I'll just wait.

With the 990 you can join the Outlaw saloon.it's a forum for Outlaw owners and is very useful.With balanced outputs and component and DVI switching it is quite a package.

How 'bout the size of it ! I went from a tiny processor to this thing.Make sure you have room.

Hope this helps KG