Outlaw 990 + Dynaudio + Crown

I'm thinking of buying a Outlaw 990 as the reviews I've read seem very favorable. I dont have a huge budget, but I can just about afford the 990 at $1100. I am currently using a 65wpc Yamaha integrated receiver for my Dynaudio Audience speakers and it really is time to upgrade - I can just tell the Dynaudios want more power (150-200 wpc would be nice). I have the 72's up front with the 122c center channel and little 52's in the rear. I really like the Dynaudio's sound (warm, powerful, strong) and know what they are capable of with a little more power (I actually use the same drivers in my automobile and they are powered at 200wpc). I will be using some high end crown amplifiers for a while until I can afford my own (Thanks bro!), so I am not too worried about power for now, but I'd like to see if anyone out there has used the Outlaw in combination with Dynaudio drivers. If you have, would you mind replying with your experiences?

I am new to the hifi space and have only done a little bit of research. My father recommended Outlaw to me as a company I should look at based on my budget. So far, I like the amount of inputs on the back, simplicity, auto setup, and cleanliness of signal that the 990 boasts.

So I guess I have two questions..
A. If you have Dynaudio gear, do you like your outlaw 990?
B. Is there another preamp in the $1000 range that I should be looking at instead of the 990?

Thanks very much for any replies.
I believe the 990 would be a good match for you. I tried the 900 when it was released but it was too early in the production run and there were problems. I was lucky to have found an Aragon Stage one instead. I have the Dynaudio 70s, 122C and Paradigms for surrounds. The 990 has a lot of nice features, the service after the sale is excellent and it is priced right. The only other option is to go used. Others can advise you better there. I bought the Outlaw M200s (now the M2200) and have been very happy with five of them. The 990 matches well with their amps. If my Aragon dies, I will go with the 990. (I do have another system in a smaller room that is dedicated to 2 channel only.) Good luck!