Outlaw 990/7125

Its time to upgrade and I'd love your opinion, thoughts, suggestions. I currently have a Sony e9000ES pre/pro, Rotel RB-985 5 ch Amp, Denon 2900 DVD and B&W Nautilus 805s (front/center)B&W DS-6s (rear)and B&W ASW-3000 sub. My first priority is to replace the Sony.

I was initially going to keep it simple and go with something like a Denon 3806 or 4306, bypassing the internal amps. I figured I could use those for multi-room since they're assignable. Then, I discovered that there were a number of good separates in the $1K to $2K range and that changed my direction a little --- I think. I discovered the Sherwood Newcastle P-965 and the Outlaw 990. For some reason Outlaw appeals to me. I have called them twice with questions and Steve has spent a considerable amount of time discussing the pros of their equipment. He was extremley knowledgable and did not push one bit.

So I'm thinking of going with the 990 pre/pro and the 7125 amp. All up, its under $2K and I have yet to hear anything negative about the equipment. In fact, most reviews compare it to more expensive setups. I really appreciate good equipment and tend to think more expensive is better. However, with this purchase I'm trying to match my need rather than my ego. By the way, I'm probably 50/50 music/movies and rarely just sit and listen to music any more (yes, I have little kids!!).

Anyway, your thoughts on the Outlaw equipment would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone been unhappy with it? Has anyone found a no brainer alternative? I have thought about the Arcam 300 and some of the better integrated units but I do have a bias towards separates.

Thanks in advance.

I've heard the outlaw equipment, and it's a very good way to step up from receiver sound, to high end sound, you'll be blown away by the difference.
Readster, Thanks. The offer a 30-day in home trial and I don't seem to take too many units back.
I have an outlaw 990 and love it. i use it with Adcom 555-II amps and it sound fantastic. Great value for the money.
I have the Sherwood P-965 on order. I don't know if your awared of it, but the 990 is built from the P-965 platform. Same processor, different looks, and different features.

The 990 out balanced outputs, individual cross over settings for each channel, better warranty, and DVI in/outputs.

The P-965 has SNAP EQ (which is primarily the reason I chose this processor), better looks (subjectively), and a better romote.

I got my 965 for $1099, same price as the 990.
990+7125 very very very good sound. i missed that combo. i had to retun mine because of the wife! "too much money" what a B****! so i got the closest thing at $700 cheaper the Sherwood newcstle R-965.
by the way,pioneer 74txvi sound kick the hell out of yamaha 2600v,denon 3806 and pretty much all the denon under $1,700. hey, what do i know i own something that is not sold at circuit city, bestbuy nor tweeter.