Outlaw 975 vs. NAD T163


I am wondering your opinion on which preamp is better. I have had both hooked up and the NAD seems to be a little warmer, while the Outlaw is newer and has HDMI functionality.

I am running Paradigm Studio 100 v3 for my mains, a Paradigm CC470 v3 for my center, Paradigm ADP 950 v3 for my rears, and a Paradigm Servo 15 v1 sub all powered by an Outlaw 770 amp.

I love music and am into home theater and need this system to be good at both. I like the functionality, sound, and ease of use of the T163 a little better than the Outlaw, however, it doesn't have HDMI or the latest Dolby Digital formats.

I am a man without a plan and would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks for any advice!

Always go with the one that sounds better.
Do you prefer a warmer sounding amp to a more neutral amp. I am a person who likes a bit of warmth in my amps. I seriously concur with Zd542 on going which the amp that sounds better to you. It is the most critical point in your decision. Don't buy what I like, if that isn't what you like!.