outlaw 950 pro vs B&K ref 30

if this amp retails for $900 is it worth it and as claimed by outlaw will it give the B&K ref 30 a run for it's money?
I think it is a bit early speak about the outlaw pro, as it is just reaching the beta test phase. From their press releases it sounds like it will have all the newest sound modes. I was considering waiting for one long, long ago when they mentioned they were coming out with a low cost, high quality pre/pro, but I opted to buy the B&K. I'm glad I went this route or I would have been w/out a pre/pro for the last 8 months (they keep dragging it out...). I have their power amp and I am thrilled. That's all I can say for now.
I'm suprised at the comparison. The Ref 30 is probably the best, $ for $, pre-pros on the market; it's proven, well-analyzed and held in excellent regard.

The Outlaw is several steps down the food chain.