Outlaw 755 vs B&K reference 7250

Has anyone here compared the outlaw 755 with the B&K? Specifically, I'm deciding whether to buy a new 755 or get a used 7250.

Any thoughts?

I can only comment on the 7250. I've had it for about two years now and am extremely happy with it! It's a great amp for the money. B&K are very supportive when and if there is a problem, I have no problem recommending it! Good luck

I agree with Statman. I have a 7270 and I am extremely happy with it. B&K has very good customer support. I am sorry that I can not offer you a comparison with the Outlaw.

Good luck, Ken
turns out I got a great deal on a new 7250, so that's where it's at.

I agree with you guys B&K A litle better sound then outlaw,but b&k cost you twice From outlawl.
I'll have to disagree with the others. I think the 755 is the better amp (actually a ATI with a different face plate).

Just about all the power one could need, great quality, great price, great warranty.

It is not a warm or cold amp, but just very nuetural, which is how I like it. What ever you put in is what your going to get out. So, if your looking for an amp to add some characteristic to your system this may not be the amp for you, but if accuracy and detail is what your after, this one will fit nicely.
I have an Outlaw 750, yes it is the older version but I have had it for over a year and I have been very happy with it. I am running it with Martin Logans Ascent, Scenario and Theater. The amp does not even have problem runnin these demanding loads.

I like 7250 but binding posts are impossible with some cables.