Outlaw 750 vs Anthem 5 vs B&K 5125 vs Chiro c500

I'm looking for a dynamic amp to drive my Dynaudio Contour surround system which can be somewhat inefficient (86db) and tends to sound congested when the action really gets going (ex. Braveheart- opening, Matrix- lobby). I was looking to spend less then 1k on the used market, which is why I mentioned the above amps, but will I need to look higher to find good symmetry with dynaudio? My speakers are the Contour Center, 1.8's and the audience 42's for the rear. 60% movies/ 40% music.
The Chiro amps are real turds with music, I owned the C500 and hated it. Slow, horribly imaging and soundstaging, laid back, haze over the fine details, not all that smooth, either, as I recall (didn't keep this one long at all). The Parasound amps walk all over it in every regard, even the lesser powered ones. I found the B&K lifeless, simply uninvolving. Haven't heard the other 2 you mention but as an alternative would suggest a Parasound 2205 for your needs.
Hmmm? I use a Chiro c200 with VR4s thru an LS-3 and find the sound excellent: wide and deep soundstage, deep and detailed bass (but less treble extension) and excellent imaging.
I have a Chiro C-500 driving my center and surrounds, used to use it for all 5 (stereo music) and I think it's wonderful. Not muddy or laid back, but warm and clear. used to use it with a denon avr-3300, but now it's connected to an outlaw 950. Odyssey stratos running the fronts, and they sound fairly similar. Maybe better imaging with the odyssey. Now I'll have to switch things around a bit to test things out again....

Get something with some power for those dynaudios. Parasounds are good value. I've heard the marantz mm9000 in a theater set up with some bigger older b&w's that sounded excellent. Didn't demo music, but the movie (it was lost in space) sounded clean and detailed but not harsh and caused no fatigue. I was very impressed and there are tons of used ones for sale.

It's been a few months, and you probably already purchased an amp. If not, good luck.

- dan