Outlaw 7125 VS B&K Reference 127.7 S2

Thought maybe this forum could help me out with this. I am looking to add an amp to my AVR. I use my setup for both HT and Music, probably 60-70% music.

Speakers are ML Motion 40/30/LX16.

One paper these amps seem very similar it seems. the older B&K does have balanced if I ever wanted go that route. The internals on the amps are massively different. The Outlaw looks to be 7 individual mono blocks. I am rather new to the amplifier game, if these two amps were priced similar, which would be your suggestion.

Any insight welcome. 

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IMO, both are well designed amps with impressive guts.  The Outlaw uses bipolar output transistors while the B&K uses mosfets.  The Outlaw has a bit more neutral sound signature while the B&K is on the "warmish" side, IMO.  I don't know anything about your speakers so can't say which will mesh better sonically.

I had a 7125, it was a pretty nice amp....   it is made by ATI ,  I have also had several B&K , St140, 2140, M200 Sonata mono,  and still have an AV5000II that i keep for backup.   All great amps, but the 7125 can still be repaired which is an important consideration.   Im sure later b&k can also , but not as easily as shopping it to ATI like the outlaw
Both amps are in very good condition. I think I was looking towards more sonic advice, but I will just have to demo both of them and see if I can hear a difference. 

B&K seems a little bit more musical? Maybe my ears are playing tricks on me but this old B&K is quite impressive, its DEAD silent with 93db speakers which I didn't expect. 

I think I will be keeping the B&K, Outlaw just got sent out to have a full work over from outlaw while I try and make a choice.

I can't seem to find much info on the Reference series, though the 200.2/5/7 seem to have more "status" within the audio forums.
I used to own a B&K Reference 200.5 a long time ago. It was a vey good amp.  High current, lot's of power and punch and volume.  However, over time, I determined that it was just too warm sounding for my tastes.  It all depends on what you're looking for.
I think my options are just limited as i need something under 8~ inches are so to fit, and I live in a complex so I can't really "crank" it yet. So these two amps seem to fit that bill as of now.