Outlaw 2-channel receiver.....

ANyone using the Outlaw rr 22series receiver? Any issues?
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Tuner is excellent.
Haven't tried the phono stage long enough to comment.
thanks guys...think of adding the svs pd 10 sub...it has no crossover...can i use the bass management in the outlaw?
this is my first post on Audiogon. I have purchased a few items and lurked on the forum.

Phasecorrect, I own the RR2150, and yes the bass-management on will work with the SVS-pd 10 sub. This is the feature i like the most about the 2150.

I have 2 Outlaw LFM-2 subs, y-split, and crossed over at 60hz, with a pair of Ascends Sierra-1 bookshelves.I set the sub to bypass its crossover, and use the one in built into the 2150.
This is a good sounding combo. Although, i would like a better sub or 2 to keep up with the Sierra's.

I just purchased a used Outlaw ICBM here on Audiogon, for an eventual upgrade to a pre-amp/amp setup.