Outdoor speakers to use with Chromecast

I'm looking to get some speakers to use on my covered patio. I have a Google environment inside (Google Home & Chromecast audio) and would like to be able to stream music both inside my house and outside at the same time. Ideally I'd like to be able to mount the speaker(s) outside for permanent storage, but if that's too limiting then I guess something portable with loud/clear enough sound would be ok.
I currently have a small Bose bluetooth speaker with a 3.5mm port on it so I can plug Chromecast in, but if you're in the pool with the waterfall going or spa with jets on you can't hear the music even at max volume. I feel like most portable bluetooth speakers probably aren't going to have the same sound quality as those intended to be mounted on a wall or permanently placed in a corner.
I got these for Christmas and they look great for outdoor use, but the only problem is I can't have the same music playing inside and out so thinking of returning them for something else.

What I'm looking for:
 -Designed for use outdoors, as I said they'll be on a covered patio so not directly exposed to rain etc (usually), but I live in FL so gets pretty hot and humid
-Has a 3.5 mm port for Chromecast Audio, or built-in Chromecast Audio
-Can work w/o needing to be wired in to a stereo receiver (battery powered or plug-in power both fine, wire connecting a pair of speakers to each other OK as well)
-Ideally would be a pair of speakers, but a good quality single speaker would be considered too
-Ideally would be designed for permanent outside use not portable, but as I said above will consider portable if necessary

Alternately, is there any kind of device such as a bluetooth hub with a 3.5mm port that Chromecast Audio could be plugged in to? Something that could link to other bluetooth devices so when I stream to my Chromecast group, it will send from this hub device to the actual speakers