Outdoor Speakers......please

Sorry to rehash this question. I've read all the old threads. My dealer likes Truaudio. Can anyone give me an A/B on these vs any others? I would like to get something that sounds good as we spend lots of time out there. I will probably power them with a cheap Onkyo or Sherwood 2 channel receiver. Any Info on power would be appreciated too. This is a small patio situation. Thanks
My dealer was thinking about bringing in a new line of high end outdoor speaker systems. It didn't interest me but I will ask him what they were and let you know the name this week if that helps.
For outdoors dont over think it, plus your driving it with budget anyway....I have JBL 2 way outdoor speakers that are around $300...spending more just seems a bit silly.
Outside is a very, very big room and makes most small speakers sound like crap. Get something with 8" woofers, like the Sonance Mariner 82.

Omage Granite Speakers are excellent for the money but a little hard to find. There is a GR306 (6" woofer) and GR 308 (8" woofer), I have both but prefer the 308. You can do a search on ebay and find them for under $160 a pair. They favorably compete with indoor/outdoor speakers at three times the cost.
Good luck with your search
Check out the EV evid 4.2 or the bigger 6.2 models. These are professional speakers and don't break the bank. I use both.
High efficiency therefore easy to drive and sound great.
website - http://www.electrovoice.com/productfamilies/21.html
Hey Catfishbob, the outdoor speaker system my dealer is bringing in for a hi-end outdoor system is the James loudspeakers. I haven't seen or head them but he sais they are great. Check the web for more details I geuss.

I'll sell you my pair of Polk AWM3's for $20 plus shipping from So.Cal. They were used outdoors for about one year, and have been in indoor storage for the last 11 years. I have no use for outdoor speakers at present, or else I would still be using them. They are off-white in color, with swivel mounting brackets. The grills have deteriorated and would need replacing. However, the drivers including surrounds appear in excellent condition, and the speakers sound great. I would be happy to email you photos.
I like the Niles outdoor speakers. Good selection and performance at all price points.
Check out OutdoorSpeakerDepot.com Bought mine there. Good speakers, good price, good service.