Outdoor Speakers

Looking for best outdoor speakers. Recommendations and price points appreciated.
B&W Leisure Monitors ~ $350/pair.
I've listened to quite a few, and my tastes (in the sub $400 per pair range) lean toward the Sonance Mariner 200. Also decent were the NHT Outdoor One and JBL NL26AW in that order. FWIW, I cringed at sound from the Niles and Bose offerings. The Sonance offered deep, controlled bass for its size, with decent spatial qualities. The NHT and JBL were pretty good in the bass dept. as well, but not matching the Sonance. Even the Mariner 100 is a very good value and a decent outdoor speaker. I found the Niles speakers to be very bright and slim on bass and the Bose products could not handle deep bass notes without distortion.