Outdoor speakers

Looking for some recommendations on outdoor speakers.

Looking at B&W AM1
Mariner 63
BA voyager 70

Really would like to keep cost pretty low since they are for the outdoors. Recommendations welcomed - thanks.
look at these:
they sound great for the price, and they play LOUD!!!
well, the link didn't work. sorry. they're the kicker kb6000 outdoor speakers for $80 a pair at costco. black or white.
no affilitation. sorry.
Look at NEAR speakers. So good they deserve to be inside the house!
If not directly exposed to the elements, can't beat a pair of Realistic Minimus 7's, when you can still find them around. I've used mine on my deck for years and they still are all I could want out there regarding good sound out of a small durable package..
Take a look at the Parts Express site,they have many offerings that are not too costly,you don't need high end for outdoor speakers. I have a pair of Audio Source and they are fine!
Yep, outdoors, in lieu of any "room acoustics" many typical high end considerations go out the door.
I did a little research on this for a friend a while ago, and I recall coming across some Definitive Technology outdoor speakers that seemed to offer a lot for the money. Might be worth a look. Best of luck, and let us know what you decide on and how it works out.
I have the B&W outdoor monitors, I think WM1. Previous incarnations. Before them I had the Rock Solid monitors by B&W for 16 years on my deck. My son still uses them indoors, I can recommend them on durability alone, they sound good too.