Outdoor opinions?

This may be a little ridiculous but has anyone heard any of the newer outdoor speaker offerings? Seems all the brands make them and they range from $200 to about $800. From the outside they are "almost" indistinguishable. I know we are talking about a patio device but could'nt hurt to ask. Short list would be the usual suspects

Klipsch (never thought i would say that but the little horn may have an advantage outside)
I run Niles outdoor speakers - OS20's. There may be a newer version but I am happy with their performance. The interesting thing about them is that the better the source material the better they sound - even outside.
I use a pair of speakercraft OE8-3's. I'm a dealer, but, also have PSB, Klipsch, and the JBL outdoor speakers. I liked the sound of the Speakercraft the best. I'm using a 300 wpc Sunfire on them, and they sound awesome in my backyard.
the big issue for me with oyutdoor speakers is they typically don't have much low end--maybe a function of cabinet design. the polk atrium series do pretty well with bass; the psbs also have good specs and would be worth hearing.
I also run Niles speakers. They sound great, but I do find that I need to put on the loudness button to get sufficient bass when outdoors.
I remember a feature story from the late AUDIO mag in the 60s about someone who had two large concrete horn speakers made for his back yard; weighed a couple of tons each if I recall correctly. No bass problems but I have always wondered what the neighbors thought.