Outdoor Home Theatre with 7.1 Surround Sound

Hello, Im trying to build an outdoor Home Theatre , maybe 30 to 50 guests, but I cannot think in the speaker / amp / layout with good balance and neighbour friendly.

Surround processor: Classe SSP 800
Projection: Epson PowerLite L615U with a 235 inch Elite Screen

I was thinking in getting

LRC : 3 x speakers Yamaha DXR8 (XLR connected directly to Classe)
Sub: 1x Yamaha DXS12MKII ((XLR connected directly to Classe)
Surrounds: 8 x TIC GS3 8" ( working as 4 channels )
Amp for Surround: Sunfire or Crown

Hope someone has ideas of a better balanced set of outdoor speakers and amp to get nice sound. If surrounds are all weather even better so I dont have to move them arround.


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I like the yamaha pa speakers better than what i own now,  I have a pair of qsc k12.2's and it works great for my garage band in my morton building, and doubles as fronts on a 5.1 speakers on a 200 inch screen.  Would check out JBL control x if you want waterproof surround speakers that are not exacly hifi but pretty good for what you want to do .I have 2 sets of them on our deck and with a sub it doesnt sound too bad, so far they have made it thru this winter in illinois ok, and it was negative 20 a few weeks ago here.
Thanks for the input, will check control x, anybody has hear Klipsch CP-6 or AW-650?, they are rated  94 dB, 75 w (300 peak), maybe they can keep up  better with the fronts.

Sonance Mariners  or  Triad OUTDOOR 0D26 ....used the mariners on many installs , and
always been  1st choice for reliability and performance .