Outdoor Garage Speakers

I presently have Bose AM 5 series one speakers mounted on my garage and want to upgrade. I definitely need more bass but don't want to go too big. They are mounted underneath on sides of garage. I am running 130 watts into them. My yard is roughly 400 square feet of decking plus rest of yard. Any suggestion greatly appreciated.......

Budget is approx half $500.

regards Bacardi

Are you asking for recommendations for speakers inside the garage or outdoor speakers that are on the exterior of the garage, but servicing the deck and yard? If they are outside, you need outdoor speakers which can tolerate temperature swings and moisture. Lots of choices if you do a simple search of "outdoor speakers". Every major consumer class speaker manufacturer, such as Polk Audio, Klipsch, Yamaha, etc., make outdoor speakers.
@reubent, Yes I'm looking for exterior on garage. I've searched the brands but I am looking at recommendations and experience in the outdoor speaker field. The Bose just don't cut it. Thx. 
The poor neighbors! 

I know. Maybe the Klipsch. The definitive AW5500 rates really good. 
You might want to look at the Polk Atrium 6 (35 near perfect feedbacks at Crutchfield) or the Atrium 8 if you want to spend more and get a little more bass extension. The next step up might be something like the PSB's. I'm not a fan of Klipsch until you get up into the multi-thousand dollar units. All of their inexpensive stuff I ever heard sounded shrill.

Good Luck and Enjoy......
Just play something the neighbors might enjoy occasionally....;) *L*

My take on 'cheap thrills'...  I had 3 pairs of inexpensive Pioneer bookshelf speakers that I mounted into a vertical 'line array' pair.  Think 'concert stack'...

Wired together, they run around 5~6 ohms which makes for a nice load for the receiver that drives them.  They're hung in my shop and have no problem being heard over the various saws and machinery.  Outdoors I'd hang them under the eves if the building had any.  I think I could blow out the garage band that practices occasionally next door (50 yds. away, plays 6, sings 3....).

They're not specifically 'outdoor', but cheap enough that I'd not shed tears over them.  And adding a small shed roof over them wouldn't be a major physical event...

But I 'do' stuff like that....just because I can...*G*
my partner runs some yamaha 570, which weren't much more than a hundred bucks, and i was surprised at how good they sound--more low end than most outdoor speakers + a very wide stage. i'm sure you can spend more and get better, but they were quite impressive.
@asjerry, sounds like me. I like loud. My 2 channel screams down to the neighbours....lol. 

Loomisjohnson. I will look into those Yamaha. I am presently running my old Yamaha Rxz1 receiver in garage and allows me 8 channels. It sounds really good still.  I could run two pair on garage and have good sound all around.