Out of this speaker rockort, Atlair

If money is not an option and you're looking for a range of a serious loudspeakers to live with and not to ever look back at least not in forseeable future which one out those 4 would be the ultimate one between the (Rockport,altair) (Von Schweikert VR9-SE) or (Geneis 2.2jr) (MBL 101e MK2) base on quality transparency musicality fidelity and reliabilty providing you have a listening room 20 x 28 so would it better to drive them with SS OR TUBE AMPS... im trwoing a couple amps that i look into Burmester (911/111) (Jadis JA120) (Ayon triton II)(Kronzilla amps) (octave MRE 220)(PAssLabs XA100.5) your suggestions and opinions Are more than wellcome base on your experience or what you have heard from friends or dealers even if you refer me to something else you might think is better choice your honest expertise will be greatly appreciated.
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Alex, I'd like to buy a comma....
Alex, I'd like to buy a shift key and a "period" key.

Okay, just a little light fun at the OP's expense. Of all the speakers mentioned, I would go with the MBLs - astonishing resolution, incredible dispersion, and very good dynamic range with a powerful amp...

I respectfully disagree about the MBLs, which tend to need a big room and significant listening distance, not to mention gobs of power. And then there are aesthetic considerations. I could not live with their appearance.

The Altairs are the best of the bunch. They too benefit from a good size room and generous power but can do a great disappearing act acoustically and are very easy on the eyes.

I have no dog in this fight, just sharing opinions.
thanks mate but i heard that the MBL doesnt have enough base to really fill a room and need some serious power amps
Then why did you put the MBL on the list?
MBLs put out plenty of bass, though depending on the room they can actually sound a little fat (when they're right, though, they can sound spectacular). You will need a more powerful amplifier than those you listed, though. Set up properly, they can be stunning in their soundstaging and dynamics.
Out of that list, I've only heard the Rockports, and I can honestly say they are the best speaker I've heard around it's price point....especially if your goals are transparency and musical fidelity..

This really comes down to personal tastes, your room etc. Then maybe pick the best amp once you know what speaker you're going with...
Rockports would be my chose as well.