Out of these 4 speakers, which 2 should I try out?

Hey guys and girls! Well I just got a pair of AV123 ELT5 speakers that I am trying out, and I would like to get a couple others to compare them with. The ELT525M's are very smooth sounding and detailed. These things can get loud despite their low sensitivity, but I'd like to hear what some of these other speakers sound like.

I have narrowed down my choices to the following:
1. Ascend Acoustics 170SE
2. Axiom M3 v2
3. Wharfedale Diamond 9.2
4. Energy RC-10

They will be hooked up to a Onkyo TX-SR506 and I'd say my listening is slightly more towards music than movies. I mainly listen to rock, indie, experimental, electronic, and hip-hop. Since I can't try out all 4 of these speakers, which 2 would you guys recommend I listen to?
Try the Energy RC10.

The Energy RC10's are a special speaker with excellent bass response. Very smooth sounding without harshness in the highs. Will probably mate the best with the Onkyo HT receiver.

I am using a pair of RC10's with a Prima Luna tube amp. Very pleased with them.


I would not consider the Axiom's .

While I have not heard that particular model I did own the M-60 floorstanders . They are not well suited to music , especially the type that you prefer due to it's inherent bad quality recordings . Anything but the warmest of tube amps will just exascerbate the problem ! There is a reason why they offer various sized resisters for the tweeters !

On the other hand , they work nicely for HT . I still have their center and rear surrounds .

Good luck.
I haven't heard the other speakers but I like my RC-10s as well.

Like the above poster mentioned, it would likely sound very good with the music you listen to and the receiver/amp you're using.

It gives a very full well rounded sound, and lots of bass... sometimes too much I think. Keep as far away from back walls as possible. Voices are very good.

Try not to pay anymore than $300-350 for them (new or virtually new).
The Energy RC-10s are very nice sounding, almost got me a pair, and still may. Also, Axioms are great for HT, but are not all that musical, IMHO. So to complete your speaker "shoot-out" I think I would choose the Ascend 170SE over the Wharfdale Diamond 9.2, simply because it'll probably be easier to get a pair, but both have been reviewed very favorably.
Cleaned Up Hippy ...

Not to spend your money ... but giving the RC-10's a shot is almost a no-brainer.

If you can live with the rosenut color, Audio Advisor has the RC10's for $333 a pair. I think that they would go nicely with your Jolida integrated.

Short of going with a speaker like the Spendor 3se, you will find the RC 10's hard to beat.


Well, Rich

Actually I'm waiting for a pair of Spendor 3SE to appear on the Audiogon listing, as I really do like the sound of that speaker, and know that it works well with Jolida integrated amps, as I've listened to them being driven by a Jolida JD 302B. Of course the 3SE are just a little out of my price range, so I was hoping that I might find a used pair at a good price.

Now for the money ($333), I doubt the Energy RC-10 can be beat. I would buy a pair of the Rosenut colored RC-10 from AA, but I have a dealer in town that sells Energy speakers (along with NHT and Paradigm) that I've dealt with off and on for a number of years, and that also has a pair of the Rosenut colored RC-10 set up in the "demo room" and if I do buy a pair of the RC-10. I'll probably buy from him (especially if I can get him to match AA price).
I have owned both the rc-10 and the slighly bigger mv22 from axiom.I liked the axiom sound much much better than the Energy speaker.Much more detailed better imaging also.
What exactly is Jolida? Is this the kind of power source my Onkyo uses?
Jolida is a manufacturer of components, such as tube amplifiers, etc.

Regards, Rich
I was just wondering why you said they would go nicely with my Jolida integrated in an earlier post. One thing I thought of is I would like to get a center channel so I could do 3.1 for DD stuff... but a center channel for the RC-10's would be the RC-LCR Center right? As far as I know, those aren't on sale at audioadvisor and they cost about $650 new. I'm sure I could get a center for the Wharfs or Ascends for $200-$300.
My apologies for any confusion.

My comment was addressed to Cleaned Up Hippy who is using a Jolida tube integrated amp in his system. I am using the Energy RC 10 's with a Prima Luna tube integrated and I like how they sound with tubes.

As far as the center channel, you could buy another pair of RC10's and use just one speaker or ... figure out how to wire both speakers to the center or ... call Audio Advisor and see if they have a single speaker that they are willing to sell.

I owned the Wharfedale's 9.2 previously. I prefer the Energy RC10's. I would also consider the NHT Absolute Zero w/ Absolute CC for $565 total.

Regards, Rich