Out Of Studio Monitoring And Into Hi-Fi

I just sold my Event ASP8's and JBL LSR6328's. I'm out of music production and am getting into hi-fi.

I tried keeping the JBL's because their crystal clear highs are phenomenal, but when it comes to pure dynamic power, they fall flat, like they're supposed to.

If I was just a classical listener, I wouldn't have any problems with studio monitors. The problem is that I like to rock sometimes.

I've got a pc based system, complete with a good mixer and soundcard, so hookup options aren't a worry. I've got $2,000+ to spend and so far, I don't think I need very much to get off the ground.

I've been looking at a 2.1 setup and am having trouble sifting through all the options, I really need help. I've been to Best Buy and other audio houses, but the salesmen are either morons or they just care about their commissions.

I'm in a 20x20 room and need to fill the whole house when the time comes. I don't need home theater options and have no preference between powered/unpowered speakers. I'd like to steer away from floorstanders and go after desk or stand mounts.
Like I said, I like to rock, so if I could find a setup that punches me in the stomach and then serenades me with lullabies, I would be very grateful. I appreciate any suggestions.
Hmmm I was thinking switching to active Event Opal from High-end. Seriously they rock.
Hi, Mtnrnr3. Did you mean to post this question in the PC Audio forum? I think you might get more responses if you posted it in the Speaker forum. Sorry I don't have any recommendations based on your info.
I'm thinking that I need 2 loudspeakersm a sub and a receiver, so pc audio wouldn't matter. Also, I've heard good things about the opals, thanks for the responses.
I don't think you need to change the speakers. LSR6328 is good active speaker. All you need is to add a LSR6312 matching sub.