Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?

Just a curios question, could not seem to find a thread about where we all live. Found threads about what we drive, what we do, but not where we live. Sorry if I missed a thread but just curious. Me, I live in Santa Clara, California. I was bragging to a friend who moved to Florida three years ago that it was 75 degrees and warm sunshine. Well, we have had two+ weeks of cold and rain and snow down low in the surrounding hills. I should have kept my mouth shut.
I am in Toronto,Canada,not by choice though but by necessity,I was proudly born and raised in Athens,Greece,whre it's nice ,sunny and WARM.
Bad ,bad cold freezing Canadian winters are to be avoided,I had way too many of them,I envy those that live in warmer places.
Washington Dc....where the cost of living is going up, and the chance of living is going down! Our former mayor says "If you take out the murders, DC actually has a very, very low crime rate".
Baffled: Would that former Mayor be Marion "Puffy" Barry?

I wonder what he's been smoking...
Montecito, CA, a small woodsy town adjacent to Santa Barbara that sits on a mile wide shelf between the mountains of the Los Padres Forest and the Pacific Ocean. Climate is ideal unless you like four seasons; it varies between spring and fall, i.e. rarely below 60 or above 80. Downside: median price home is over $2.5 million.