Out of curiosity, where does everyone live?

Just a curios question, could not seem to find a thread about where we all live. Found threads about what we drive, what we do, but not where we live. Sorry if I missed a thread but just curious. Me, I live in Santa Clara, California. I was bragging to a friend who moved to Florida three years ago that it was 75 degrees and warm sunshine. Well, we have had two+ weeks of cold and rain and snow down low in the surrounding hills. I should have kept my mouth shut.
mobile, alabama - smack dab in the heart of hurricane country
Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
I think the thread is called "where are you" and it's about 30 pages long. Anyway I'm in DC, downtown.
Indianapolis, Indiana
in a house...
Right next door in Sunnyvale (Coldrainyvale?), CA.
A new "Where Do We Live" thread, and it is probably already in the A'gon database would be an interesting exercise. Not only centres of A'phile activity would be determined, but also small pockets in remote areas...including overseas. The demographic age curve would also tell us how long we have left to listen! (morbid) It would need to be discreet, however. And to start, I am 57 and live in Brampton Ontario...born in Dublin Ireland. Colm
Soquel (Santa Cruz) Ca, hey Colm, 56...born in Belfast Ireland! Weather must be changing cause of all the heat we r generating from those Class A amps.
Easthampton, Massachusetts.
Lima, Peru
Perkinston Mississippi 20miles north from Gulf Coast (or whats left of it)Kg, I am not looking forward toward this year Hurricane season :(
Chicago. Age: 39


Hyannis, Cape Cod MA.
My bad, the thread is question is titled "Who R U?", check it out.
I live in God's country, Lakewood, Washington although given the record rainfall we have had this year, I think he has moved elsewhere.
You live in heaven or hell, depending on the current state of your audio anxiety?
Or... maybe limbo?..
Or in the state of confusion? (worried about what cables to buy?)
As for me:
I live in a perpetual state of rage over 'too high priced' new equipment prices.
Beautiful Vashon Island in Washington State.
I spent too much on my LP collection and now live in my car. I can be found in and aroung the Portland Oregon environs.
Planet Earth
Nacogdoches, TX and Groucho Marx was right, "Nacogdoches is full of roaches."

It's full time job keeping up with the zipcode changes here in the last ten years.

Dr R. C. Brockhaus
Grand Rapids, MI
Milan, IL
Kalamazoo Michigan

EX home of GIBSON guitar, EX home of CHECKER motors...

I know we do something here...
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Philadelphia, yeah, that's it, Philadelphia.
La Mirada, Ca. About 10 miles from the Disneyland!
Typo correction: Milan, Illinois
Walnut Creek, CA (near San Francisco)
St. Louis MO
Brownsburg, In. just west of Indy
Yohjo and Rmrobinson1957, I'm right next door to both of you in Cupertino. Is it still raining there?

Currently I'm on a long-term consulting gig in Memphis - fly out on Sunday, fly back on Friday night. My stereo misses me.

Currently dwelling in Las Vegas, NV.
Automobile accident capital of the U.S.A.!
Ashburn, VA USA
Henderson, NV down Boulder Hwy from Dweller.
Bradenton,Fla. south of Tampa
Asheville, North Carolina, in the beautiful mountains.
John Dean
Laguna Niguel, CA (moved here 2 years ago from South Africa).

Montreal, Canada and will be 44 for the next few weeks. I travel all over the globe with most of my time spent in Asia (Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo), Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain), Israel, and all over the North America. Been a while since I toured South America, I'm probably due... I'm fluently bilingual (French/English) and proud to come from 100% Irish stock. This Friday is gonna be a ripper! Jeff
Kentucky oh My god I live in Kentucky ! I was born in Illinois lived in Elgin Illinois now in Elsmere Kentucky oh my what has happened to Me !!!!!
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.
Joplin, Missouri

Born and bred, and looking forward to breeding again.
Buckeye Country, Columbus, Ohio
wwwrecords, you must really be looking forward to breeding!
how about next to the playboy mansion
motown to minni to mexico...on the border in az
DETROIT. City of Champions: Pistons and Reds Wings that is.....
Puyallup, WA
Just north of the Chocolate City. It would be so appropriate if George Clnton would come to town and kick off a relief concert.
Boise, Idaho...
Wantage, Oxfordshire, in the UK