Our new Demo room featuring Magico M2 and Dagostino Momentum

Hey guys just thought I would share some content as we are finally finishing up our room after a year of construction and COVID in North NJ.... Cannot express how happy we are with this setup and the Magico M series has quickly become my favorite pair of speakers we own...

Lots of photos on our insta: https://www.instagram.com/electronicconcepts/

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!!
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I heard the S3 MKII once paired with Gryphon amplifiers it sounded amazing. The room was a medium size room. I'm considering giving the M2s a listen and if I like them build a dedicated room for them.  In your experience with the M2s how well do they do in medium size room, lets say 15x24?

Thanks for sharing.
I don’t see a wide shot of your demo room. Isn’t that what your post is about?

We have the M2 in a room that is 21 deep by 14 wide and they sound incredible and pressurize the room perfectly.  I might want M3's with the extra space, but I do believe M2's would still perform amazing in a room 15x24 that is treated well.  

I can say that I have firsthand experience dealing with Paul...on some Shindo gear in the past. Absolutely wonderful to work with and I can highly recommend him!!

Thank you!


Thanks for the info.

Since I'm building a dedicated room I want to accommodate the room for the speakers if I decide to pull the trigger on the M2s. Based on your response it seems that a room that is 14x22 would work better for the M2s than a 15x24 room.
Every room is different....   I can tell you that at 14x21 M2's were the correct choice for us.   I do not think that a few more feet would have made me feel that I needed the M3, but........   If i had the budget available I am certain that I would NOT have been unhappy if I had done the M3 in this space.....  We would have more bass and a larger sound stage I am sure....  If you have the ability to hear either pair in a room around this size i would highly reccomned.   IF we can help in anyway don't hesitate to reach out.  Info@ecny.net

Hopefully I can give the M2 and M3 a listen in a room around 15x24. I was thinking about the M2s because the M3s are out of my budget. LOL

HAHA.  where are you located?  I can prob let you know who has what in your area. 

Is this advertisement appropriate for an online forum ?
Sure is. Lots of dealers on here in case you hadnt noticed.
There was actually zero advertisement here.  I am a die hard fan and if I can help someone build or find their dream system why wouldn't I?  Is that frowned upon in this forum?   I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the gear and space.   Those that know me and my company know that we do no need to solicate this forum.   Im just here to help.....   
This is where the complications come in. I need to build a dedicated room for these speakers (if a like them after giving them few auditions: the only Magicos I've listened to are the S3 MKII). Once I decide on the speaker I need to do some research and find the "optimal" size for the room (this is the reason I was asking about room size for these speakers). Browsing some audio sites some places recommend a ratio based on width of H = .6xW, W = 1xW, and H = 1.62xW. Some other sites use other ratios to come up with the "ideal" room size. 

I live in southern CA.
You should connect with Scott Walker Audio....  He does a good amount of Magico and probably is not too far away from you.  I know he's done both M2 and M3's and should be able to help you find the best fit...  
Very nice room. Don't think anyone could do better.

Paul, years ago I had a Krell Ref 2 preamp. The volume control started getting scratchy at about 6 years of age. A friend and I drove to NYC to the Hi Fi show there where I found Dan and asked him what to do about the volume control. His reply was the control was a custom unit and there are none left. The minimum order was something like 500 units so he had no plans to get more stock. He told me, "Go to RadioShack and get a pot. Just mount it on top of the preamp."  "Built to last a lifetime." My backside. I would replace that line with one that supports its customers and you better. 
"go to radioshack".  What the @$(@!    That sucks...  I learned over the years some of the best gear in the world doesn't always think or react like an "end user".     Just go buy another....why not ;)