Otono-Edison MC cartridges

As you may know the Miyajima is an export brand of Otono-Edison.
There is a line of Otono-Edison cartridges for Japanese market only. 

Otono-Edison cartridge like "Standard Mature Wood" and just a "Mature Wood" updated with Skillfull and Technique model as I can see on the original Japanese site on needle replacement page (from the manufacturer). 

The Mature Studio BE/SW equal to famous Miyajima Shilabe.  

However, I need a manual for Otono-Edison Standard Mature Wood MC which is no longer in the list of cartridges here *** 

Anyone can help with info about Standard Mature Wood cartridge ?   

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No one can help with Otono-Edison / Miyajima ? 

Even Miyajima distributor can't comment on Standard Mature Wood model because it's not for sale in America. 

This doesn't help, but I did see Otono-Edison cartridges for sale in Tokyo.  They don't resemble any Miyajima cartridge I know about.  Not to say you are wrong about their relationship.
Miyajima Laboratory is a brand owned by Otono-Edison Labs.

MIYAJIMA LABORATORY is a company specializing in designing of phono cartridges. Established on March 27, 1980, has its headquarters in Fukuoka-shi, Japan. Its owner is Mr. NORIYUKI MIYAJIMA-san.

Manufacturer of all Miyajima cartridges is Otono-Edison Labs 

I'm just saying the Otono-Edison cartridges I saw on sale in Tokyo don't have the characteristic look of Miyajima cartridges.  I made a point of adding that I do not doubt what you say, and my prior understanding is the same as yours.
What specific question do you have? One of my best friends lives in Japan...perhaps he can find out.
@solypsa I’m looking for manual for Otono-Edison Standard Mature Wood MC (discontinued model). 
After a few listening sessions with Otono-Edison Standard (Miyajima) my impression is very positive. It was pre-installed by Miyajima-San on Audio-Technica (Technihard) headshell, I only made minor changes in alignment (now Baerwald) on my Lustre GST-801 tonearm.  

This is a pure midrange magic and warmth, I could not stop playing records all night. It's not even a top model from Miyajima, but everything is there. Vocals are amazing, the bass is tight, trebles are sweet. Everything is so pleasing for my ears. So the "Standard" for Miyajima is pretty high if this Edison Standard is so good. 

*What I don't know about this Otono-Edison Standard Mature Wood MC model:

-The type of the stylus tip (elliptical or shibata) ? 
-Recommended tracking force (probably 2.5 or 3g) ?