Other Tube Amps that compete with BAT 150SE

I have been thinking about changing my entire system and going with tube amps. I will also be selling my B&W matrix 803s to get a full range speaker that will mate with tubes. I want to narrow down my choices. I have only heard the BAT 150SE amps and want to know what other amps to audition. I live in the NYC area. I want to get as much dynamics, slam and bass as possible but also may consider a bi-amp arrangement with a SS amp for the bottom end (I still have my Kinergetics KBA-75 SS amp class A 140 wpc). I will have to sell my Pass X-250 to get some funds towards the purchase of the tube amps. I would probably look to buy in the $10K and under price range.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Happy Listening.
I would give serious consideration to the CAT JL2.
It is rated at 100 watts per channel. The CAT has the widest dynamic range I have heard from a tube amp.
Tight bass, extremely extended highs with no grain or edge, and midrange with a beautiful bloom, while remaining open and transparent. It really is that good.

Good Luck
I don't know---I love my CJ8xs (triode)
10k used VTL REFERENCE 750 with infini caps.
VK60SE Mono amps are very, very close, and sometimes if you are very patient, a pair will come up for sale on this very site. I have seen them for around $7000.00 for a nice pair! Well worth a listen, and the wait.
I'm quite pleased with the BAT 150SE's and I've owned quite a few amps. I am however using them with Genesis 201's which have a separate sub-woofer amp, kind of like what you are describing for a bi amp set up.

Hi, go listen to the Lamm ML-1, 90 watt mono tube amps. They go for around $8000 to $10,000 on Audiogon when you can find a pair. Once you listen to Lamm you will say, what is BAT?
I can't comment on a straight up competitor to the VK-150SE's. However, I am using BAT's VK-60, bi-amped with a big class-A SS amp on the bottom (Krell KSA-200S), and the results are fantastic w/ my Martin Logans. I believe the BAT tube amps are gain matched well w/ the big Krells (26 and 26.5 dB). If the Krell's can't produce tight base, they can't do anything. Even passive bi-amping is good for the tubes because it "load unburdens" the amplifier. You can even add a HP filter at the tube amp input to come darn close to active bi-amp. It's just a capacitor. Victor at BAT can tell you more.