Other than Nemo and the like...

What is your test DVD (other than animated) to show off what your (plasma, dlp, or the like) system can do? Thanks in advance..
Adult movies...preferably XXX
1) Master & Commander
2) Lost in Space
3) The Making of Super Speedway
4) Jurassic Park
5) Lots of concerts, but primarily Stop Making sense and Two Against Nature. Great shadow detail with these.
Probably not the most Cinematic choice, but I still enjoy watching.......

"Bambi goes all the way for a Buck"

"The Fifth Element" is not bad either

Good luck with your new Display Device.

U-571 for sound and Monsters Inc for picture
resident evil
I let my guests pick a title. That way I know it's something they want to see.
Warrenh, for the audio aspect, I crank up "Kill Bill". Listen to the clarity of the breaking glass, in scenes like the fight in the residential house, with Vivica Fox! Sweet!
I second the Fifth.
U-571, Master & Commander, Fifth Element (DTS), Matrix & Lord of the Rings in no particular order.

One of my favs is Super Speedway MachII edtion. The Machine head scene from Matrix for good LFE.
Doesn't anyone use a REAL TEST DVD that allows Video and Audio calibration, adjustments etc and checks if your speakers are properly in phase etc, all that good stuff to help properly setup your Picture and Sound....??


The dvd's we are mentioning are good for showing caseing are systems not for setup's. What do you put in to play when you have guests over.

the post asked for which TEST DISC didn't it? When playing a DVD for guest I try to pick out a movie that we will all enjoy as being an excellent movie,,, not a movie to impress my guest how good my A/V is...We do this for the ARTs don't we,,, or do you do it to impress others with your hardware? I do it to enjoy the software in HQ. smile
Lawerence of Arabia Superbit- Video
Resident Evil Superbit - Video/Sound
Master & Commander- Sound
Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Everything


Like you I collect movies for the simple reason that I love movies. I have so far managed to collect well over 500 movies from cheaply dubbed martial arts films to major releases. I regularly have guests over for a movie night where we sit down and enjoy a movie. Today will be the latest Harry Potter movie.

When a new guest comes over I like to take them on a tour of sight and sound before we settle down.

Hey Warren,

My set is the Loewe Aconda which has the 38" screen, I am
shure that you came across it in your search for your new
set. I say that so that you have an idea of the picture
that I am getting.

The two best dvd's, by far, that I have seen, and own by the way, are North by Northwest, and, Star Wars Attack of
the Clones. The picture in North by Northwest is superb,
and almost three dimensional, plus it is an excellant Alfred Hitchcock movie starring Cary Grant.

Attack of the Clones is also excellant, but not the same
type of animal,if you know what I mean. Imagine a great
black and white image by Ansel Adams, and a great digital
shot by Albert Porter. They are both photographs, but useing very differant technology. Kind of reminds me of the differance between vacuume tubes and s.s.

I also have both versions of The Fifth Element, the standard, and the superbit. The superbit version is a bit
better on picture resolution, and worth seeking out. It is
close to Attack of the Clones, but not quite.

By the way, for what it's worth since yours is a differant
type of set, I load the Loewe thru a Topaz 500 va ISO tran-
sformer which actually gives me about a 5-7% increase in
picture performance. Small increase to be shure, but at
the level of performance of the Aconda,it is significant.

Enjoy the new set, and your holidays, peace.
I appreciate the suggestions. thanks, and have a great Thanksgiving....peace, warren