other speaker cable, what to buy

My current speaker is 5meters long. I needed that length previous. However things have changed. Now 2*2m or 2*3m would be more then enough.

The speaker cable I have now is a Wireworld Atlantis 5. I was thinking of replacing it by a NBS dragon/fly. Before the Wireworld I hade Nordost Reddawn is I remember correctly. The nordost cable wasn't what I was looking for. I think they are not neutral but it is hard to explain what they do sound like. To my ears the Wireworld are more neutral.

My set:
VPI Scout
Lyra Dorian
Wadia 12
Symponic Line La musica
Impulse Aria SE speakers
Cardas Hexlink 5c interconnects
DAC has a NBS dragon/fly power cable, the rest are standard power cables.

I would prefer cables that are easily available in Europe and don't break the bank, I'm on a tight budget so I will only be looking at 2nd hand.
Sticking strictly to European brands...

Chord Company Silver Screen is good stuff, and only about 6 GBP per meter. QED Silver Anniversary seems pretty sound and highly regarded, also around the 6 GBP mark. However, if you can swing it, QED Revelation is supposedly the stuff to get as far as price/performance and it's still not that pricey at about 15 GBP per meter.
Supra Ply 3/4 is very inexpensive ($12/ft. here in US) and very good. I find it to be neutral in my system.
if you're happy with what you have, why not just shorten them?
maybe you should try anticable or morrow audio speaker cables.
anticable has 30days return and morrow has 60days return...

I agree with Gmahler2u... give the Morrow Audio SP4 and MA4s a try... break them in (this is a must... you will be very, very happy that you did). Just a happy customer, no affiliation...

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I prefer to keep cable at the orginal length. If I shorten them I am afraid the will become worthless if I want to sell them. If I have them professionally shortened I think that the costs wil be considerable. Since my speakers don't have a biwire option shortening them and run them as shotgun is not an option.
60 day trial of the Morrow SP4. I am really liking these cables.
I am considering the SP4 myself.
Do you find the sound full-bodied in the midrange
Sp4 gives a big three dimensional presentation and has good weight in the mids. Not bloated or colored. Give them plenty of time to settle.
Lay the excess in a large loop. You may ultimately return to wider setup and then need the length. I doubt the change in length would be audible.
Try PNF Audio Symphony. Price to performance is off the scale...
You should give Synergistic Research Tesla cables a try. Especially if you seek resolution and musicality with holographic soundstaging. I especially like the active models however I just got their Au79 and Magnetic Tricon IC's to compair in my office system.

First in is the Tricon IC. Right out of the box it's impressive and if it opens up and becomes smoother I've got a winner. So far it reminds me of Nordost cables I've had in the past but with more bass and a much richer mid-range and a more open sound stage.

Neither of these IC's are Active BTW.
I did write a response earlier this week. But somehwo it did not end up on the site. So here we go again.

Tripper, I don't think that have cables lying in loop on teh floor is a good idea. Not really sure how it works but it can create magnatic fields I think.

Thank you for all the advise on what cables would be good. I have looked at all your suggestions. But I am limited by what is offered on the second hand market.

PNF Audio Symphony sounds/looks interesting and he sells some nice demo gear. But he doesn't sell to Europe I think.

I have been looking a a pair of NBS monitor 4 speaker cables. Does anyone have experience with these cables?

PNF AUDIO here, We do in fact ship to EUROPE.

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I ended up with a pair of NBS monitor IV speaker cables. Someone made me a really good deal on those.
Mogami 3103 and supra ply 3.4 are very problematic cables. The Mogami sounds very dark, heavy, slow and atmospheric with rolled-off highs. When i put it in my system it sounded like i thrown blankets to the speakers. I really felt sick with this cable on. The Supra Ply 3.4 has many problems ,too. The first big problem is the lead voacals which sound laid back and very muddy. You will not hear a thing of what the lead singer sings with this cable. The second serious probelm with this cable is its stereo image. It is not balanced and it draws the vocals to the left side. It's like the plane is leaning towrds the left side. That is very annoying. Libery ultracap has many problems too. Skip all the budget cables, that's my advice.
I didn't have the problems you did with the Supras. Not at all muddy and quite intelligible. Not as articulate as my Zu Event SCs, nor as tight and defined in the bass but at their asking price, a nice cable. 

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