Other "silver" spk cables.....

Looking for pure silver cables and interconnects...such as BOgdan,etc...which others come to mind? I find silver to have less colorization...any others feel the same?
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TG AUdio, Luminous Audio, etc. Search the archives and you'll probably find them all.
Add Pure Note; Stealth; Argent Jaden Signature; Empirical Audio; Silversmith; Ridge Street to your list...
I have never heard them, but RS (as in not Ridge Street) cables. I think like $270 for six foot pair.
Pure Note if your budget is over $1k.
Goertz AG series product line are silver, not silver plated copper. At this point though, you are starting to get pretty pricey. Sean

Also try:
Homegrown Silver,
Audio Magic (expensive!),
Silver Audio (seem to be very good value for money)
DH Labs Air Matirx ($199)
Kimber KCAG
Harmonic Tech Pro Silway
Pure Silver Sound (PSS) Octet

Ohlala, you mean RS Audio by Richard Sachek? FWIW, their cables got an outstanding review on UltraAudio by Mike Silverton.
I have a pair of Silver Audio Symphony 48's and really like them. Before that I was listening to Acoustic Zen, and some Cardas speaker cable. I felt the detail when listening with the Silver Audio was superior. A lot of what you hear is going to be about your system and YOUR ears!
I use RS Cables, pre-power, cd-pre. Richard provides a 30 day trial period. Your ears will be your best advice.
Good luck.
Using the RS Audio Cables IC's.
Very nice.
As advertised-smooth, detailed,neutral, transparent.
I would highly recommend an audition of Silversmith speaker cables. Unfortunately the manufacturer may still be away on active military duty.
May I recommend the Jaden Signature Interconnect and Speaker cables, made of 32 gauge silver wire. You can purchase these cables from Ric Cummins at www.roomlens.com, they are reasonably priced and are quality cables.

The Jaden silver cables have great tonal balance or neutrality. In addition, these cables are very smooth (unlike the myth that silver cables are harsh or bright), have great detail, and are very lively. I, and a few of my friends have substituted our Nordost Valhalla and Silver Audio cables in favor of the Jaden cables.

I've tried many cables before (including Nordost, Acoustic Zen, Siltech, Transparent, Coincident, Cardas, and so forth) and none have been as satisfying as the Jadens. The designer, Ric Cummins, has a very good understanding of wire and his cables are neutral. His cables are not widely advertised but those who use his cables are very pleased by the results.

For further details, just go to Audiogon's discussion forum and search under "Jaden," you will discover member reviews.