Other problems with Sony SCD1 besides TOC Read

I know that the TOC read problem is common among the Sony SCD1, but have the owners of this player had other problems with their players. I am wondering if once the TOC issue is taken care of, do owners have no other issues with this player.
from what i gather it is a recurring problem due to the sacd/cd design.

they use 2 pickup heads and one or the other gets misaligned( this happens to alot of sacd/cd players)

The thing is SLUG-slow.... take a coffee break. That's why I avoid it.
Jeez....My SCD-1 has never burped.

Yeah, it's slow to read TOC compared to most players, but after I drop the disc in, walk back to my chair, sit down, remove my glasses, adjust my penis, clear my throat, pop my ears, pop my knuckles, stretch twice, yawn once, and reach for the remote, it's almost ready.

What happened to patience and self-discipline in this hobby?

All The Sony SCD1 is a classic and once you flip polarity at the male end it is one of the best of all time.

Absolute Sound even went as far to say the same about it, slow yes, but all so worth it. The 20K Linn does not touch it for the money.


Mr B.