Other options than a D2v

I have a D2v and it has had a number if issues the biggest is loss of sound on almost every source when fast forwarding or rewinding. Anthum recommended using there flash eraser and reinstalling the software. Well now after the flash eraser the unit is dead. It will not load a new os, still responds to the eraser though.

So this might be the last straw I am tired of sending it for repair and being down for a month. What other options do I have in a video and audio processor that are good. I thought the Anthum was great at improving the video and maybe a 8.5 out of a 10 on the audio.
The only ones I would consider in that price point is the Classe or the Arcam
There is always the Cary cinema 12 they make true audiophile gear
I second on Cinema 12 processor. I just took delivery of it on 12/9/11 and it blows away Krell HTS 7.1 that I had in both analog and digital sections. It is right up there with McIntosh MX150 and Meridian at less than half price. See my report in avsforum that list my high end assocaited equipment.