Other Hobbies?

What else do you do in your spare time?
I build Furniture,Trailers, (woodwork and weld) Fly Electric R/C, and Photography.
Wine, watching baseball (go O's!) and watching college basketball (go Terps!). That of course assumes that sports viewing is a hobby, perhaps it's not.
this topic has been done more than once since 1999. but, perhaps, starting what appear to be "new & novel" threads (but are most certainly not) may be defined as a hobby.
Perhaps answering threads in a rude and smart-mouthed way could be defined as a hobby. What do you think Corn?
I'm with you Champtree, woodworking is my "other" hobby. Mostly solid cherry custom work from rocking chairs to beds to most any cabinet work.
right on Treed!!!!!!! i think this is an interesting thread,even if its been asked before,,by the way Cornfedboy,what are your hobbies? Peace and happiness to all!