Other comments on the Black Diamond Tone Arm?

I wanted to take the time to share my initial experience with this new arm now only, 10 days new in my system and get a another opinion, a reality check to make sure it is not just me!

After my initial warm up, it was apparant that something I never experienced before was taking place, the absence of coloration.
Everything is presented with a firm connection to the music, a wholeness, that seems to flow somewhere from time and space and not the speakers..
Strings are emotional, musical convincing and gripping. Space between instruments,
brief pauses, transitions take on the illusion you are in the room with the musicians.
The effects of the hall,
the sense of timing and unspoken communication between the artists are the first things that comes to mind;
Billy Holiday, Henryk Szeryng, Kate Busch, George Solti, are a little closer;
a deeper connection to the artist; not just more information but a portal deep inside the artist.
Bass notes speak on several levels. You'll be listening and forget you are listening!
I don't want to get too wierd with this, but the improvements are huge, on the order of 40 to 50 % better that before.
Forget about listening to a CD... when you can come this close.
I hate to say it but everything is changed from this point ... this is what is suppose to happen with when it feels really right.

If anyone eles has this new arm, please share your thoughts.
Thank you for the insight. Your experience mirrors my own in listening to the Black Diamond in Lloyd's personal system. The upgrade to the Black Diamond arm is on the horizon for my Proscenium TT as well.
Is this arm made by Black Diamond Racing? Or another company?
It is the latest iteration of Lloyd Walker's arm that comes with the Procenium Table. I haven't heard of it being available as a stand alone arm.