OT Seeking new job in Charlotte NC area

This is a shot in the dark but I am looking to make a career change.

I have been working as a mortgage broker for the last four years and it is beginning to wear on me. I have extensive sales experience and would like to find something in a more stable market. If you would be so kind as to pass any leads along to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you everyone.
Hi Seanmcd. Are you trying to get out of the entire mortage banking space entirely? Commercial real estate lending or real estate sales are generally more stable, but are somewhat related (which could work to your advantage). Any additional info on preferences?
Sean & Ozfly,

Funny - I'm also looking for opportunities in the Charlotte area, but in IT for financial services. Maybe we can share some resources. Drop me a line:


Let me know if you need a nice 2BR apt. My daughter's leaving Charlotte early summer, as she's unfortunately stuck in retail managing an Abercrombie & Fitch; learning to really hate the clientele and the whole conspicuous-consumption ethos around Charlotte. She couldn't get a job in health care because "nobody down here admits they need help". Sigh. Wish she'd give it a longer shot, but I guess 24 yr olds think in terms of months, not years....