OT: Fine Writing Instruments

Any 'Goners into fine writing instruments? Any fountain pen aficionados? Ballpoint vs roller ball debaters?

So far I have a small collection comprising of a little of everything. I have a couple of Mont Blancs (Bose-esque?): a fountain pen and a roller ball (Meisterstrucks), Lamy rollers, Waterman beaters, and a couple of Tombow cheapos. Interestingly enough (at least to me), I really like the Tombows! I get compliments on all of them, however.

What is the reason you jumped on THIS merry-go-round? Here's my story:

I recently changed careers and moved into the mental health field (What a bunch of whackos!!!!! Not the patients/clients...The staff!!!)I have joined my father in the "healing arts." He bought me my first Mont Blanc as a token of approval. He told me "Whenever you are using this pen, remember that you are helping someone. Always do your best." Association is a powerful thing, no? So, what is your story?

PS I hope that this topic has not been covered previously (or at least recently). I did a search but nothing came up.
I like fountain pens mostly but do yeild to roller and ball points when need be. I use bottled ink and converters for most of them. While I think it might be nice to own the hyper exclusives I settle for stupidly soort of exclusive and now .....
"all the money is gone
no where to go
oh that magic feeling
no where to go"

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I carry a fountain pen - and have for most of my life. Currently I primarily use an Omas Paragon, although I've have several other pens including: Pelikan Souveran 800; vintage Parker 61; Aurora; several old Esterbrooks; and an old MB Meisterstuek (with sprung nib). All my pens fill from a bottle - - - haven't messed with cartridges since high school.
Yes, I like the fountain pens too although I rarely mess with them these days. Love the gel rollers too, my favourite "cheap" ones are by "tul" at office max. These flow nicely, and seem a bit above the usual gel pens in style.
I stick with ballpoints. You could argue that paying a lot for a ballpoint pen is like paying a lot for a quartz watch, but I like ballpoints. For several years I had a job that involved a lot of writing. And I thought, I can't afford an expensive car, so why not treat myself to an expensive pen instead? I've had Mont Blancs and Watermans and liked them just fine. But I no longer have that job and since then I just use cheapo give-away ballpoints.

The only fancy pen I have left lying around is a silver Parker cross-hatched pen, that iconic look that they now call "cisele." I never use it. Come to think of it, my Omega watch (not a quartz) just sits around unused, as well.
P.S. If you ever find yourself in NYC, check out

Alright now that web site has me drooling. Time to drag my little Waterman out again!!
LOL, Joons is a pen-lovers dream store. I can only imagine what their flagship store is like, I've been to the Grand Central Terminal store and the one at Trump Tower.
I enjoy pens as well. I just picked up my first Omas Italia (bottle) and am in heaven. I have the large Mount Blanc (Diplomat or 1849 or something) and the Omas blows it away. Rollerball over ball for me BUT I have this Chopard (black rubber & 18kt gold) that uses gel ink ballpoint refills. Really beautiful write. Pens, fine watches, sports cars, wine, I am sure these are hobbies which attract many of us here.
I didn't list my pens but agree that Omas is a superior pen. I own 2 paragons a 360 anogiva 2 balogna and 2 ares Milord . I once smashed a parker Cisele in disgust . all fountain. The only BPs I have besides the junk pens are a Mount Blanc and a Waterman exception. The rest are fountain pens Oh yes I have 3 rollers .It's conspicuous consumption on my part to list them all.fortunately I never bought the limited edition types.
The one recommendation you may not have considered is Sailor from Japan for Hi End ish and for cheap sleepers I like the Falcon by Nakimi or Knight which is amazingly smooth for a German steel rhodium plated Nib pen .
The smaller Pelikans with the oblique nib is very nice and not overly expensive. I had to stop but will bid on a pen here and there knowing it's a lowball bid and I end up losing.It is quite easy to figure the going market price without a reserve,.Unlike audio the used market is dreadful due to the wear on the nib so to sell you need to get a new sectionIf you find one!
I am a visual artist and I use pens and mechanical pencils vocationally. All aesthetic issues of the instruments themselves aside, the function of sophisticated drawing instruments are a passion for me. I have tried literally hundreds of pens and mechanical pencils.

They might be ugly, but in my book nothing can beat a Rotring rapidograph with a fresh nib.