OT: CES January 2004

I haven't been to CES before. Can anyone provide me with a link to info regarding the upcoming event? I am interested in getting air and hotel reservations and would welcome any tips about seeing the show for the first time.

thanks in advance...
If you're mainly interested in audio, then book as closely as possible to the Alexis Park hotel, although the San Remo is also a venue for other high-end audio products as well. No matter where you are, there will be shuttles to take you to the different places, especially the LVCC. You may want to consider the AmeriSuites which had a very good rate for CES. I don't know whether they still have availability, but the location is mid-way between LVCC and Alexis Park.
Good luck.
THE Show will be at two venues, the San Remo and the San Tropez. The latter is next to the Alexis Park, venue of the CES high end audio exhibits.

Could someone give me some details of THE Show and how it differs from the one held at Alexis Park? I attended the Alexis Park venue at the last CES, but didn't know something else was going on as well. Is THE Show a part of CES? Thanks.
I have read that CES is closed to general public ?
THE Show is open to people in the trade and to the public. It is completely independent from CES.
The CES is open to the trade only, however, some people get creative.

I didn't realize one of THE Show venues was next door to Alexis Park. Thanks!
thank you very much for info,
Is this HomeEntertainment LasVegas 2004 any different (better, worse?) then HomeEntertainment organized by Stereophile in NY 2004?
You're welcome! THE Show is completely unrelated to the Stereophile shows, which are oriented to the consumer. If you can attend THE Show, and presumably CES, maybe you should, recognizing these events are targeted mainly for people in the business. Most folks are cool with that, and there's a lot of great stuff to see, hear, and do.

Thanks for the great info guys. Anyone have a suggestion for obtaining entry into CES since it is a trade show?

I have an acquaintance working for a high end retailer that may be able to provide me with a suggestion but would welcome your input as well.
Tips for the CES.......Start taking Echinacea a week before the show and continue until you are back home.....Folks from all over the world will be there and they bring their germs......Break in some walking shoes now.......Take every imaginable type of grease and oil for your entire body with you as it is dry there, enough to split lips in a day.......Buy a few gallons of water for your motel room as the water just sucks in Las Vegas.....Weather can be anywhere from snow to 65 degrees during the day and 30-50 at night so take sweaters and dress in layers........Treat any CDs you bring to play there with Nordost ECO 3 after you get there as it is so dry they come across as bright without the treatment.......Make sure you are at the St. Tropez for lunch every day as it is free and Misty River will be playing the lunches. Have heard them live and they are really sensational.....Other than that no great suggestions other than book a room soonest......Cheapest is likely the Motel 6 on Tropicana and Koval Lane..........Carrow's (sort of like Denny's) is right in front and have a new Cuban steakhouse there as well........Add a hairdryer, alarm clock, shampoo and Kleenex if you go to Motel 6.......Been doing the shows for about ten years now........