Osiris stand owners.....

Recently purchased these stands...and WOW!...do they make a difference...I am always amazed when someone buys a very good pair of monitors and "cheaps out" on the stands...big mistake in my book...at any rate...what is everyone using to fill the chambers with? Sand,leadshot,cement(just kidding)?
I bought a set last summer but have only used them once so far because I bought them for side speakers in a seven channel setup. I still have not bought my side speakers. I did try them unfilled with my vmps 626's I use for rear speakers and can say my 626's sounded the best ever on them. I doubt you could buy a better stand for what I paid for them. Heavy stands even unfilled and I agree with the WOW!
At first the thought of actually spending decent money on materials to fill my Osiris stands was out of the question, until on I whim I gave the folks at www.audiopoints.com a call and ended up filling my stands with their "Micro-Bearing Conductive Steel Fill Material". Was a major improvement over sand filled.

Would suggest you give them a call. Some of the most helpful people I've talked to, and you can hear their interest and knowledge in the conversation instead of a typical sales pitch, or worse, a sales pitch without knowledge behind it, or someone that doesn't know more than a product brochure.

They'll end up asking exactly which models you have, what speakers are on top, sizes, weights, everything and give you an estimate on exactly what you need and how much.

Even if you are hesitant or straight up not going to purchase it -- give them a call. First time I was on the phone with them, I didn't end up making a purchase, but spoke for over an hour and got quite a lesson and opinion.

Check them out. Benefits were immense in my application.

I'm sure others will chime in with many other alternatives as well.
Cjr, I've thought of trying the Micro-Bearing stuff in my Osiris stands, too. How much material did you end up using in each stand (i.e., how full were the columns)? Would you care to describe the sonic benefits? What speakers do you have on them (in my case, they're under Reference 3A DeCapos)?
Osiris also made the Giza stands. Multi-purpose platform style stands with SUBSTANTIAL footer points that will work nicely with certain floorstanders.
I'll try and dig up my past invoice to see exactly the amount purchased -- I want to say it was 1/2 to 2/3 full, but frankly if I'd mentioned that I had a different speaker atop the stands, their recommendations may have changed.

Worth a call -- very friendly folks.

The speakers used with them are Acoustic Reality Studios, which are a Vifa Ring Radiator tweeter, 7" Scanspeak Revelator, and a series crossover.

With the speakers on the stands -- on the sides maybe a half inch or inch of overhang, front/back overhang is maybe 3 or 4 inches, and they are maybe 13 inches high or so...
Your stands are a very critical extension of your speakers. As much attention should be placed on the stands as the speakers. Please read my review on the Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform system. These are world class speaker stands based on the coupling principle. If you're leaning that way, you will want to fill your stands with their Microfil bearings. Coupling is the way to go. Go to audiopoints.com and ask to speak to Robert. He will set you free. If you want to go where few men (and women) have gone before, fasten your tympanic seatbelts, hit warp factor 2, and buy a pair of Starsound Technologies': Sistrum Mini Monitors. They'll refund your money if they don't do it for you. They do it for me: visually and sonically. peace, warren