Oscar Peterson

Just got done watching a DVD of the Oscar Peterson trio, "The Berlin Concert". His technique and musicality are simply out of this world. The trio is amazingly tight. It's fun to watch Oscar in action...

I found this DVD at my local library. Highly recommend a listen.

Take care.
That's funny because I also discovered Oscar(I mean really "discovered") from my local library. The disc was "Tracks". It was one of those wow moments when you are really floored by a musician. This probably sounds like an odd description but i find his playing very athletic. The weight in some of his notes are really intense and at the same time he is sooo fluid.

Thanks for the heads up of this DVD, I'll definitely check it out.
I highly recommend his 1964 live recording "We Get Requests." It's outstanding.
I strongly recommend the "Live at the Blue Note" CDs, four of which were released seperately, then together as a boxed set. (Telarc Jazz) Recorded in May, 1990

They were recorded over four evenings at the end of a world tour with the longtime combo. (Peterson, Brown, Ellis, Durham) They are some of the finest, most musical, most imaginative, and best improvised performances I have ever heard. The sonics sometimes stink: glasses clinking, silverwear crashing, feedback when a mic was turned up too far, and stuff like that, but I have heard far worse (Basie at Birdland quickly comes to mind!). The talking of the guests isn't too bad, and there are times when you can tell there is some serious musical "dialogue" between the musicians and the audience. (In a good way.)

The intimacy of the club can really be felt, and the performances seem to have a "culmination of a career or playing together" quality about them.

Check them out if you can!
There's an Oscar Peterson performance on youtube called "The Theme" that is just amazing:

Second the We Take Requests recommendation - outstanding album. You might also want to check out Peterson 6 at Montreux from 1975 on Pablo records. Superb recording job.
I second "Live at the Blue Note". And nothing stinks about hearing everything going on in the club, IMHO. This disc is VERY well recorded, one of my favs.
Thanks for all the replies. I look forward to checking out your suggestions.
Try Oscar's "Nigerian Marketplace on Pablo a great piece.
Ah gorra Oscah promo 45rpm!
Gorra be rare, by gum.
I'm listening to the original master of "We Get Requests" now... simply amazing!!!