Ortofon verto step-up any good?

Hi everyone I just purchased a new RP8 turntable, I am looking at getting a dynavector 20x2 cartridge for it. And my turntable dealer has a customer looking to upgrade his lightly used step-up transformer. And needs to sell it first, and I need one for my phono preamp to run the low output MC. It’s a ortofon verto step up. I Would get it for around $500, should a guy jump on it or save up for a music first audio audio mc 632 step up for $800? Also is the ortofon Verto a better step up device?
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The Ortofon Verto uses Lundahl transformers. As Lundahl only makes so many models of transformer for moving coil cartridge applications my money is on that the Verto uses a Lundahl 1941 model. K&K Audio is the American distributor of Lundahl transformers and they have a good write up about them. The K&K Audio premium step up transformer utilizing the 1941 transformers goes for 650$ USD. They are very good.

 The Aurorasound SP-03 moving coil step ups use 1931(higher impedance) and 1941(lower impedance) transformers for 24 dB of boost. They go for about 2 grand USD. 

For the asking price I don't believe you are going wrong. 

I think that the Ortofon Verto is an excellent, underrated SUT at it's price point.  Like with any SUT, you need to make sure that it is a good match with your cartridge and MM phono stage.  I have a friend who used a Verto with a Dyna XX-2 and it sounds very good.

I am als not able to follow the theory. I own more than 40 MC carts

with impedaces from 2 > 40 Ohms and would need to sell my home

in order to buy ''adequate SUT's''. So I bought Denon AU-S1 which

covers the whole range from 2 till 40 Ohms. However I think that

the need for an SUT apply only for LOMC's (bellow 0,2 mV). For

such carts one need ''huge'' amplification which is questionable

above 65 dB. That is why phono-pre producers recommend the

lowest amplification possible for each cart. The reason is increased

distortion and noise by max. amplification. I use the Denon with

Klyne 7PX3.5 phono-pre.