Ortofon tonearms ,Static and Dynamic - Difference?

I see there are 4 new Ortofon tonearms.

Static tone arms: AS-212-S and AS-309-S
Dynamic tone arms: RS-212-D and RS-309-D


What are the differences sonically and in general use of the Static and Dynamic versions of each??
Dear Downunder: Sonically?, maybe none because both have the same design and internal wiring.

Normally in other Dynamic balance tonearm designs ( other than Micro Seiki ) the quality performance on those tonearms is a little better playing it in static way due to some resonance/vibration on the internal stings for the Dynamic operation, but Ortofon say that they already take care about so maybe there is no " trouble " with that.

IMHO the best choice could be the Dynamic ones that you can run in Dynamic way or static way and in both designs the short ones. No, I never have/had the opportunity to try these new Ortofon tonearms but Ortofon is a manufacturer that have all my respect for its high quality build audio items.

Regards and enjoy the music.
In static arms VTF is adjusted via the movement of counterweight and in dinamyc arms a spring does the job. In theory is better to balance the arm to "0" with the counterweight and then apply the VTF by "other means", but from another point of view there is always the issue of vibration coming from the spring, but Ortofon claims to have solved this problem in this new design...I would say static Ortofons are intented for the heavy SPU range of cartridges and Dynamic for a wider group of brands and models.
If there is enough "real estate" in your turntable...please go 12"
Sorry, I have realised there has been is a mispelling and it is just the other way around: dynamic for SPU and static for the rest
I have been told by a dealer who has heard and used both that there is no difference sonically. Can't confirm myself because i have not heard the dynamic version but that is what I was told. Hope this helps.


Anyone else heard any of these tonearms yet??
I just put a 309D on My TW accustic Raven one, on the designers recommendation, he uses one on his. I am very pleased, admittedly, changing from a Jelco Vivid, it should be much better. It is more than a small step up in quality, particularly dynamics, it sounds like the volume has been increased, but also imaging, sounstage depth, a big improvement. The TW designer thinks on that deck, the Ortofon is only a few % points behind the Grahams, Schroeders etc. Before anyone gets upset by that comment, it's Thomas's, not mine. In general though, it is well made and very good value
To Agondgd,
Was interesting to read your remark as to
"static Ortofons are intented for the heavy SPU range of cartridges and Dynamic for a wider group of brands and models."
Then you stated it is vice versa. What interests me - I spoke with LDorio@ortofon today and he indicated exactly what you said initially - static for SPU and Dynamic for the rest.
Do you still think Dynamic has more narrow field of applications so to speak?
Thank you
I have an AS-309S arm on my TW Akustic Raven One, installed by Jeff Catalano of Highwater Sound in NYC-it was his demo arm and I got a good deal on it. Sounds very good-very clear and dynamic, picks up very little distortion, a little bit towards the warm side but then my whole system is geared that way because I'm very sensitive to steely treble. I had a VPI TT before the Raven, it had an Audioquest arm and this setup is leaps and bounds beyond it in every parameter. And its my understanding too that the designer uses Ortofon arms on the TW Austic turntables. Ortofon has probably been a little more popular in Europe since its an old Danish company.
I read that another thing to consider is how to get the counter weight as close to the arm pivot point as possible. I don't know the technical reason for this, but if all else is equal, the closer the weight to the pivot, the better the arm will sound. Perhaps an engineer can explain the reasons which I think have to do with how quickly the arm reacts to vertical movement.
I had a Shindo Labs turntable with a dynamic arm based on an early Ortofon tonearm. I think its outstanding performance was partially attributable to the dynamic arm. Once I tried it as a balanced arm. It was nowhere nearly equal to dynamic tracking.
I would just add to my comments about the 309D, that I made in 08. I am still happy with the arm, but found it was a poor match to higher mass cartridges. It really was'nt haapy with one of the stone Koetsu cartridges, much better with a Benz Micro LP. My fault for not checking compliance first