Ortofon T10 a Good Match For Ortofon HMC30 Cart?

Is this step up transformer a good match for the HMC30?
I currently own this cart and need a STU and can purchase the T10 locally at a good price. Based on the specs I don't think it is a perfect match but I would like some opinions on this combination, particularly since the numbers don't always tell the whole story.
My phono stage has level controls (Wright-Sound WPP 100c) so I can turn down the output and manage the signal to the preamp. I am mainly concerned on getting proper impedance matching.
Thank you everyone,

Dear Ruben1: Your phono stage is a MM/MI design not for MC cartridges. Maybe it can handle the 0.5mv HMC30 cartridge but the problem is like you said the load impedance.

You can always make a change at the input of that PS with a different resistor value but I can't be sure because I don't know the electronics design but any " decent " technician can help you.
IMHO this option is a lot better that any SUT for that Ortofon cartridge.

One thing hat worried me is that very high output impedance in that unit because affect/degrade the cartridge signal.

Maybe you coud want a new phonolinepreamp as a serious option.

Regards and enjoy the music,