Ortofon stylus broke ?!

So I put on a New Years LP to find the stylus of my Ortofon black quintet completely gone ! I’m very careful with the management of my gear and have no idea what could have happened . The Cartridge was purchased brand new from Upscale Audio Jan 22 2019. Ortofon response is “it’s not normally covered other than a 25% of trade in” even though it’s got a 2 year warranty ☹️.  This brings up serious doubts about the durability of Ortofon products or maybe I just had a dud ..

What would you guys recommend ...although I did enjoy the Quintet Black when it was operational, is this a good time to move on to The Purple Heart ...
Regardless , very mysterious and disappointed with a stylus just breaking 😢 
thanks ! 

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If it was nude mounted on the cantilever this can aggravate or enable the loss of the stylus, compared to bonded stylus systems.

a quick check..says...nude mounted but on a sapphire cantilever?

with that cantilever, it has to be bonded. (glued) By definition bonding it means bonded (glued), not nude. There is contradiction here.

IF the cantilever is intact, AND it can be shown to be the glue that let go, and not a cantilever break-off, then you might be covered.
Tommy, I just had the same thing happen with a 4 month old Clearaudio. I took USB pictures of the cantilever which is dead straight without any sign of abuse. You can see these pictures on my system page. I sent these to the dealer Elusive Disc who sent them to the importer. I had a brand new cartridge and a return shipping label in 4 days. The dealer wants you to buy more stuff and the cartridge is still under warranty. They should replace it or at least prorate it. This turns out to be a common problem with styli that are glued on instead of pressed through the cantilever.
Did you ever use a stylus cleaner to clean? Ortofon warns against using any liquid cleaners or onzow gel. They say the chemicals can dissolve the cement used to bond the stylus to cantilever. I have the same cart by the way and is about 4 yrs old now.
with that cantilever, it has to be bonded. (glued) By definition bonding it means bonded (glued), not nude. There is contradiction here.

1) Nude stylus glued to the cantilever and glued Bonded stylus are two different things. 
Nude stylus is one piece of diamond, it can be glued or press-fit to the cantilever (two different methods).

Nude styli, shaped from whole diamonds, are more costly than bonded styli, with their diamond tips “bonded” to metal shanks before finishing. But because of their lower mass, nude styli track more accurately. Also, since nude styli are grain-oriented, with their longest-wearing faces touching the record surface, they last longer.

2) Bonded stylus is something made out of two pieces glued together before attached to the cantilever, bonded stylus is cheap garbage.

In a bonded (or jointed) stylus a diamond tip is glued on a metal shank that is itself glued into the hole of the cantilever. While less expensive to manufacture, this construction may increase the mass of the overall tip and affect transient response compared with a nude stylus where the tip and shank are constructed from a single piece of diamond.

feel your pain but I did myself snapped the cantilever right off wife though it was on purpose os I could upgrade 
Unfortunately you have experienced a Stylus that has lost its adhesion, and are now in a position that has been experienced by others and is becoming more frequently reported on.
I myself own a Cadenza Black undergone the same fate.
I have discussed this Cartridge with Third Party Rebuild Services, and have selected a plan for it that I will look to put in place in 2021.
If funds allow it might be a Post COVID Venture.

The Good News for yourself,  is that you are assured with your own management of the Cartridge and feel confident the loss of the Stylus is not a result of any user error.
This should give confidence that a retip from a Third Party Cartridge Service would be a valid option to consider.
With the Technician giving the Cartridge a personal attention, there is a further reassurance as to the treatment the Cartridge is to receive.
It is worth a discussion with a Build Service.

I have very recently put a Trans' Proteus UK Based Owner in contact with a US Based Third Party Build Service in NY.
The Proteus Owner has expressed their satisfaction with this option, as the Year Old Cartridge seemed to be a lost cause, but now it has the offer made of the possibility it will function again.
What is not clear is the Guestimate Hours of usage on the Cartridge ?
My experience is that a Cartridge with 'little use' will accumulate micro contaminants that are best removed through a Professional Cleaning.
The more the Cartridge is used, the more the contaminations are collected.
If a retip service is chosen to be used, I would specify a thorough cleaning to be included, I would assume though this is mandatory practice, as the need will be identified at the time of the Cartridge receiving an Inspection.

I would assume you can be supplied a Thoroughly Cleaned and New Stylus Attached Cartridge for approx' $450, if a Third Party Service is used.