Ortofon SPU-ish sounding cartridge for medium mass tonearms

I've heard but never owned an Ortofon SPU. I liked the tone density and force with which the SPUs played music. I intend to get a suitable arm and turntable in the future, but in the meantime...what is the most SPU-ish sounding cartridge in current production that would mate well with a medium mass tonearm? I understand that there is no substitute for the genuine article and that SPUs are by nature sui generis, but I'm curious which carts for "mainstream" medium mass arms might give one at least some of the SPU flavor. Thanks, as always.
Read about EMT here

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Are you talking about a VPI arm? (my comment based on your system page)
You can get more specific answers if you identify the arm(s) as there is sometimes synergy that goes beyond effective mass calculations.
And here Read about EMT https://medialux.blog/2020/03/21/emt-jsd5-mission-impossible/
There’s also a run through of SPUs in the first couple of posts.
I bought a Royal N on the back of them.