Ortofon SPU dealers in the US?

I'm surprised that the larger Ortofon dealers online (US) do not stock Ortofon SPU cartridges. The Cable company carries them, but has to order from factory. None in stock. Are the SPU's generally meant for brick and morter stores? I just saw a good review of the SPU 1e and may be interested in adding one to my collection.


In the past, I ordered two SPU’s from Jim Pendleton @ Osage Audio.  Great person to deal with.  

I have two new SPUs (90th and 95th Anniversary models) which I am not using since i’ve changed to a different tonearm/turntable.  I’ll be selling them one day.

Check out Deja Vu Audio in VA they are an Ortofon cartridge dealer not 100% sure they carry the SPU’s but knowing Vu I suspect they do. www.dejavudaudio.com


Not in the US, I was in England and now France. When I ordered an SPU Royal N originally I was told a three month wait. I think this was a guess on the dealer’s part as it arrived in two. I think they’re made in batches and are quite slow sellers so the batches aren’t made that frequently. (This is a guess on my part.)

When I sent it off to Denmark last spring from France with a misaligned cantilever (from under biasing) it took around three months to come back. The more popular SPUs might be in stock somewhere at dealerships but it’s partially a matter of luck.

I am in the same league. I contacted The Cable Company and was surprised that the salesman did not know what the Ortofon RMG-212i tonearm is. I am very frustrated.



The tonearms were made by Jelco which is no longer in business.  Perhaps there is a new in box RMG-212i out there.  Check with Deja Vu.  He still shows the tonearms on the website.