Ortofon SPU Cartridges

I was just wondering if anyone is using one of these and what their impressions are? What tonearm, etc. They're very retro looking and I'm curious to know how they sound.
They should to sound warm and romantic ("tubelike"). In case of my SPU 85 Anniversary I find the sound is not overly warm or romantic. It is rather neutral with great speed and bass. Tracking is not so good though... I wonder though why there are so many admirers of the Ortofon SPU line. The cartridges are heavy and tracking ability is poor (despite of the high VTF of >3.5-4.0!), so why do those people choose for the SPU?

The SPU sound is rare combination of warm,detail and musicality. If it tracks bad, you have bad arm for it....My SPU's (I have seven of these) are on Orotofn RMG309 or FR64 and all is good....
Wow. I see the VTF is really high. That seems counterintuitive. Any problems with vinyl wear runing that much weight?
Hi, if that would be the case, we would not have any vinyl from 60 ties left...all would be worn out on these "heavy" cartridges.....
I have two SPU's classic E and Royal and they are great for Vocal's, Small Jazz, small intimate band's ands similar.
I find both track very well (Ortofon AS-309S) buit they don't do rock n roll, electronic ect as well as current MC's.

Great 2nd cartridge.