Ortofon Salsa LOMC resistive loading?

Does anyone have any suggestions for loading this moving coil cart. I've tried from 30 ohms to 47k ohms and can't seem to find a good balance of acceptable bass along what is a very detailed high end.
Any stories of success would be appreciated. Or might it be I just need to try a different cart.
I've installed it on my new Rega RP3.
I don't have a specific suggestion but when you say "a good balance of acceptable bass" are you saying that you go from an either to much bass or to much highs? Or do you mean that you are unable to get the bass up enough to match the "very detailed high end"?

If your answer is the latter than I would check the VTA again. If the back is tipped up to much you will get a very detailed sound that is thin on the bass no matter how you load the cartridge.
I'm looking at the tone arm now and the front of the tonearm is ever so slightly higher than the rear and I'm not talking much.
The high end is really nice. Maybe it's just a different cart sound signature that might do it.
Need more info. Whats your table, phono preamp? Do you have other sources that don't have the thin bass issue?
I have a Rega RP3 and Clearaudio Nano. Digital sources are OK. My speakers are Spendor A6. Much of the music I play is jazz, classical, folk....older classic rock but some of the newer groups like Mumford and Sons and Tedeschi Trucks are appealing as well.
As I listen more, it may just be poor recordings or pressings.
Allen Touissant, The Bright Mississippi, has bass in abundance as do many of my MFSL albums.
As I work through some of my favorite albums, Carly Simon Hotcakes, for example, are really good. I'm finding more as I listen.
I'd hate to lose the definition of the high end performance of the Ortofon for "better or exaggerated" bass response.
My sonic memory of the "good old days" may reflect a cartridge and turntable that simply didn't have the accuracy of my new system. Replacing my analog gear has been the last step.
I suggest you let the cartridge break in rest of the way. As you do so you will get yourself more dialed into its sonic traits. Then retry the different loadings with albums that you know well.