Ortofon's SPU cartridges outdated?

What is the reason for you to use a SPU for vinyl playback? Is it the warm and classic "tubelike" sound? Is it emotion/nostalgia? Is it because you think to own a SPU is quite cool and "trendy"? Do you really think some SPU models are superior to contemporary offerings from Lyra, Shelter, Transfiguration, Koetsu, etc.?
My personal opinion: yes, I think it's a cool retro cartridge and especially cool when teamed with an ultra cool heavy tonearm like the Fidelity Research FR-66S --> it reminds me of a vintage 1969 Mercedes-Benz SE 280 cabriolet.
Btw, according to many SPU's sound is warm with rich (though not very well defined) bass and spacious. I own a SPU 85 Anniversary and I don't think the sound is warm and "tubelike" at all. The bass is very well defined and is more "natural" than digital bass.

Chris, I have often wondered about the "magic" of the SPU's. Now I see there is an new anniversary SPU-90 coming out in January. How does that model fit into the line up?

Best arm synergy (new and vintage?)
I can't imagine anything that would be more appropriate for listening to mono LPs than an Ortofon mono.
I have never heard the stereo SPUs.