Ortofon Rondo Blue vs M2 Black vs Sumiko Blackbird

I listen to fusion, jazz, space rock, krautrock.
Have a Pro-ject 6.9 w TAD 150 Pre and CJ Sonographe SA-250.
Any thoughts as to which cartridge would be best?
M2 Black it looks very cool but the blue looks pretty snazzy.
Interesting concept.

Select your cartidge based on physical appearance.

Bling your brand.

Bling your brand. I like it!
Ach shame, not much help happening here!

I think Audiofeil done some 2M Black testing and all things being equal (but not the money) I'd go for the 2M Blue. Sumikos didn't quite do it for so far, YMMV.

go for the 2M Blue and let us know how it went.
I might just get one myself then too :-)