Hello. ,can anyone tell me if there are many sound differences between
Ortofon RMG 309 Made in denmark  VS Ortofon RMGi made in Japan (ikeda)
Someonewho has compared both ?
Thanks You Luigi

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Ortofon RMGi made in Japan (ikeda)

Ortofon tonearms made in Japan by Jelco, not by IKEDA

Where did you get information that Ikeda made some ortofon tonearms ?
Ikeda is a small company and i've never heard tha Ikeda-San designed anything for Ortofon. 

h the ortofon as309d and as309s is made by ortofon/jelco....not Rmgi309...
the rmgi 309 is version improvment the old denmark 309 rmg.....

Ok, but anyway i think IKEDA has nothing to do with Ortofon of any kind and any year. 
.....della collaborazione di ikeda o audiocraft con ortofon per rmgi 309. ci sono notizie sul web su di esso ma prego che questo non sia importante per me ...
e comunque, ho risolto grazie a
rmgi 309 è meglio