ortofon rmg 309 i

..good morning to all .... I bought an ortofon rmg309i .... but I do not understand how to set correctly the spring / counterweight ... the manual is in English. some can help me
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manual in japanese ....not english

Also take a look on vinylengine.com to see if they have a manual there
thanks but it is not explained how to adjust the pring, it is not explained how to do dynamic balancing ...
It's useless,,,,,,

Dynamic balancing is not a "thing" you do, it's a design of the tonearm.

Long answer: a static-balanced arm is a simple counterweighted lever.  A dynamically-balanced tonearm still has to be statically balanced (more or less) but uses a spring or method to apply an inertia-damping force to the tonearm in two planes.  In general, static-balanced arms are considered by some to be superior for high-compliance cartridges and dymanically-balanced arms are consider (again, by some) to be of particular advantage to low-compliance cartridges.

Short answer: if your tonearm is a dynamically-balanced arm and it's balanced (VTF is set properly), then it's dynamically balanced.

I apologize for my unclear question,
I am aware that ortofon RMG309 is a dynamically balanced arm,
but I don't understand or don't know how to make it work properly ...
What is the spring used for above the bearing? and the counterweight behind is smooth.? the numbered ring? ..
in short, I need guidance from someone who has this arm and who does it work the best ...
thanks Luigi
Sorry, I misunderstood your question.  I had one of these a few years ago and sold it without ever mounting it.  It's possible I may have made a copy of the manual and if so I will send you a PM. 
ok...very thanks for your help