Ortofon quintet vs. cadenza series

Would like to hear opinions of the relative merits/drawbacks of this series of Ortofon LOMC cartridges.
The Quintet line is a great value, but lacks the musicality of the Cadenza line. The Cadenza is more resolving and engaging with a very natural presentation. It does everything the Quintet does and takes it to the next level. 
Ciamara is right on the money, the Cadenza line is significantly more refined than the Quintet line as you would expect given their price differential.
Helpful responses! Now, if your budget is around $1000, would you go with the Ortofon quintet, used on many audiophile TTs, or, is it worth it to go with the Ortofon cadenza red, the low member of the Cadenza series?
I have a Cadenza Red and Black on interchangeable arm wands.  The Red eliminated my phobia of high $$$ carts.  I think you would be quite pleased with it.