Ortofon Quintet Cartridges

Has anyone heard this new new series of cartridges from Ortofon?

I am assuming these are the moving coil versions of the 2M moving magnet series, (i.e. they are somewhat budget priced).

The have a pretty decent output for a moving coil (.5mv) and would seem to be a great value, if they sound good.

Just curious as to the sound...
Sorry, I didn't quite read the brochure all the way through. The Quintet Red ($299) and the Blue ($499) have the .5mv output. The Bronze ($799) and the Black ($999) have a .3mv output.

This new series has me kinda intrigued. I was hoping someone has some actually experience with the Quintets?

Also interested in the Q-Black. Not in any hurry to replace my AT-OC9mk2(far from perfect)but would like to find a near SOTA cartridge without breaking the bank. My research tells me the Transfiguration Axia 2 is the best "affordable" reference. Wouldn't mind saving $1500 if the Q-Black approaches the level of the Axia 2!
The Quintet series replaces the Vivo and Rondo lines of MC cartridges. IMO they are quite good performers for the price, which is very close to the 2M MM series.

Recently I had an opportunity to directly compare the 2M Black, Quintet Black and Cadenza Black cartridges on the same turntable and tonearm. My take: they are all great, and while they share a similar voicing they are all different.

The Quintet Black was quieter and more detailed in the high end compared to the 2M Black, by a significant amount. Compared to the Quintet Black, the Cadenza Back is significantly more detailed and nuanced, as would be expected from the higher price point.

I would strongly recommend the Quintet Black (or any cartridge in the series) if budget were a constraint or if you needed to mate a good MC cartridge with a tonearm that simply wouldn't do justice to the Cadenza series.

*Disclaimer* I am an Ortofon dealer
I now have the Quintet Black which replaced a Benz Glider SH mounted to an Origin Live Encounter arm on an OL table. I have it tracking at 2.3g and loaded at 100 ohms. This cartridge sounds simply fabulous on this table. Tonally it is spot on, the bass is punchy but well defined, the treble is open and airy with a well defined sound stage. Surface noise is also extremely quiet. There is not a single area that I feel the Benz was better.
The cartridge was easy to install as it comes with a stylus guard and the boxy shape helps with an initial setup. As noted in the TAS review, I found it critical to set the tone arm with a slight negative rake. With the tone arm level, there was a distinct lack of energy in the 1k-2k range that made female vocalists sound like they had a chest cold and an overall lack of air.
I am very happy with this cartridge and impressed by the performance available at what I consider to be a realistic price point.
The big problem now is this so kills listening to digital that I now need an upgrade in the digital department.
Rhljazz-That's a very strong statement regarding the Q-Black, congrats on finding a reasonably priced cartridge! I'm using an AT-OC9mk2 on a Rega P9/Allnic 1200 but would like a little more fullness/body/texture/fluidity without adding coloration. Does the Q-Black have these strengths I mentioned? I was considering a Transfiguration Aixa 2(reviews are outstanding) but at $2500 there could/should be a more cost effective option. Maybe the Ortofon Q-Black is that option?
As Rhljazz mentioned above, the newest issue of the absolute sound has a review of both the Red and Black Quintet cartridges. Pretty interesting read.

The reviewer really liked both of them at their respective price points...
Dayglow, I'm not familiar with the AT-OC9 so I can't compare. I will say the Quintet black is not at all thin sounding nor does it present any shrillness. Deep bass is there when called for but never omnipresent. Last night I played Fleetwood Mac Rumours and that is the best I've ever heard that LP. The vocals were spot on and there was a strong driving beat that propelled the music forward without being over the top. In addition, it is an old LP but sounded like a new audiophile pressing!
Rhljazz-THX! Finding an affordable cartridge that has a full midrange without coloration is difficult. I was also considering the Goldring-Legacy but the treble is claimed to be slightly rolled off. With the Q-Black do you find yourself wanting more treble energy/extension?
The top end is extended but never spitty or aggressive. I just get the feeling this cartridge is happy playing music. It sounds very engaging. Crappy recordings are still crappy but at the same time less crappy than I remember them.
I am smitten with this cartridge!